[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]To a lot of people, eating is a pleasurable activity that entertains the nose, mouth, brain and then the stomach for obvious reasons. But for some, it’s a necessity for survival. Whatever the reason is, eating is an important part of the human life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Food consumption takes place in two places in our home, the dining area and the kitchen.
Though two are related by food, they widely differ on how human beings see and feel about it. Let us take a deeper look at what these rooms are for.

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Photo by Keresi72 under Creative Commons CC0

The Dining Area.
Now it doesn’t matter if you live alone or not but this place universally represents the center of fulfillment. From breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the place where people satisfy their cravings for food.

In here, people often sense a feeling of comfort obviously in a perspective of overcoming physical hunger. The dining area has a much more deeper sense than that. Many homes considered the dining area as a center where people negotiate and report all of their concerns, demands, and resolutions in details during meal hours. If you notice in mankind’s decades of historical developments, many issues such as treaties, contracts and agreements were settled during or after every meal. The feeling of having a satisfying meal or whatsoever creates a positive impact in ones’ attitude.

To think of what art best fits in this section, we can generically think of food or any cuisine ingredients. But we don’t have to limit ourselves on that concept. Italians uses creative imageries of still life of dining tools or the kitchen itself but as I said, we only need to project the type of emotions that your dining audience need to experience. People gain a certain feeling of hope and affirmation in the dining room. Throughout the years, experts have discovered that when a person eats, any form of depression or negative emotions are minimize. And even better, when a person does it with a group of people there’s a special interconnected bonding feeling that transcends. The best art in the kitchen should somehow project this feeling of positivity.

This could be an art with quotes on it, abstract art that subconsciously communicates human emotional bonding connection in the form of respect but at the same time does not distract your focus from eating. It’s like art surrounds you and behaves like a loving mother that comforts the child while it appreciates the beautiful meal. You can feel the art’s warm positive presence and it wants nothing from you but the best.

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Photo by Keresi72 under Creative Commons CC0

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