[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]In the sunny place of Northcote Vic Australia, BKK Architects designed a place that stems from an old house. This place is called Doll’s House, the name inspires you to think about childhood, in the old brick home, and the new building with its modern look and its inspiring philosophy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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The edifice is simple, just like a doll house, the façade is all glass, transparent, with clear vision from the courtyard. Just two boxes stacked upon one another, without walls and fixed place for fixed things. Everything is fluid, and every space can become another, or it can transform itself. This is a place of play but also of living. With care, the architects managed to create a cozy living space with wood, beautiful details and excellent insulation for optimal inside temperatures. Every finishing materials are complementary with patterns and colors that mix very well.
The main idea is that you can change everything, create the space yourself, don’t let the architect set in stone your own life and experiences. Be creative, like in the doll house, you have the shell and everything else is fair game. Once you have this unlimited potential of change, one thing may be lost, the feeling of home, the root, or the memory of a place. This cannot form, if everything is shuffled around in millions of ways. One way the architects managed to resolve this problem is one, the old house offers the unchanged part of the home and two, certain objects in the new building are touched by the owners, like tiles in the bathroom painted by hand and children drawings scattered around the space.ne_0003_Layer 4


As spatial distribution goes, the ground floor shelters a kitchen and the living area. The cold tones of the floor and black brick wall ground the base and give this space the importance it needs. While the bookcase and the happy green tiled wall emphasize creativity and playfulness. All is covered by the wood celling with beautiful shifting shadows around the day.
In the upper floor we find the main bedroom and an open area, the place looks airy and friendly with the nice touch of the high celling. The wood frame is bold and thick giving the appearance of an out of scale doll house, with you as the toy.

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Special care was granted for the elimination of VOC (Volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde, which can evaporate from paint at normal temperature, 19 degrees Celsius. All kinds of technologies are used to recover from the wastes of a normal household, like grey water used for growing vegetables, an underground rain water tank, or super-efficient energy appliances. Let’s not forget the ultra-low LED lights with programmable light temperatures.

This house is unique and deserves a place in everyone’s thoughts for a couple of great ideas and a lot of care for the environment, with a pinch of nostalgia about the past.