[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]Home decor is as much of an expression of personal style as the clothes you wear. Some homeowners prefer a retro look and feel, while others prefer more futuristic home design. And then there’s THIS — a new trend in home design which is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s called 3D epoxy floor painting, and it’s the ultimate conversation piece for any home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]3D FLOOR DESIGNS_0003_Layer 1


3D FLOOR DESIGNS_0000_Layer 4


Liquid 3D floors are a recent innovation first used in hotels, offices, and shopping centers. However, they insist it’s a misconception that a decorative screed can only be used in the bathroom or toilet – in fact, 3D floors are suitable for any room, “and even villas.” These floors completely transform any room in the house into something right out of a story book.

3D bathroom floor or the 3D flooring in general is clearly a work of art on a large scale, it will make the idea we have of floors be changed radically. These 3D floors are achieved by 4 layers, one above the other. The first layer is a self-levelling screed, which provides the safety and soundness of any conventional floor. Above this first layer, the picture will reveal the final finish, which can be a photo, a drawing or whatever we want is installed. After the two-component transparent polymer, the thickener and hardener are injected, and finishes by applying a protective coating layer.

3D FLOOR DESIGNS_0000_Layer 5


With the transition effect it can simulate a carpet with a coating of porcelain. It is a completely continuous paving without joints. The cementitious origin gives an industrial and modern, smooth and shiny appearance. An alternative laminate, tiles and vinyl, widely are used in most modern decorations.

The 3D bathroom floor is a new technology for the manufacture of floors with a huge range of decorative finishes. As you see, with these 3D flooring we can recreate the seabed, the bed of a river, the edge of the beach, ocean with dolphins, the crystal clear waters of a beach paradise … Or what we want because we can choose the image which you prefer.

3D FLOOR DESIGNS_0002_Layer 2


This technology differs from other features such as:

  • attractiveness and originality;
  • an opportunity to make a lot of fantasy and design decisions;
  • high resistance to various kinds of mechanical damage;
  • long service life and high wear resistance;
  • no dust emission from the inside floor covering;
  • high resistance to moisture and chemicals;
  • can be mounted on any base;
  • easy operation and hygienic coatings.3D FLOOR DESIGNS_0001_Layer 3